Laferriere Joins Team Saganash

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Marc Laferriere, the 2011 Federal NDP Candidate for Brant, announced today his support for NDP Leadership Candidate Romeo Saganash. The announcement was made as the two were visiting youth at the Ontario New Democratic Youth Convention in Sudbury, On.

Under Laferriere’s candidacy the Brant NDP won the 2010 leader’s challenge for signing up the most new party members and was named most-improved riding by former NDP Leader Jack Layton. Laferriere was cited by a Global News/ study as “the most engaged” New Democrat on social media in the 2011 race. Laferriere, a social worker, was also nominated for a J.S Woodsworth Award in 2011 for anti-racist community development work done in Brantford, Six Nations and Thunder Bay.

“I believe in the NDP as a unifying force in Canadian politics. I believe in the grassroots and I believe New Democrats can become government and deliver on the promise of a new kind of politics for all of Canada. I know that Romeo Saganash shares that vision. He’s a man of action who can get the job done,” Laferriere said. “Today I am not just announcing my endorsement of Romeo but I will also be backing up that endorsement with diligent work as an active member of his leadership campaign team.”

”I am very grateful for the support of a terrific organizer like Marc Laferriere. He is the kind of candidate – and Brant the kind of riding – that is an example of how the NDP will win the next 60 seats and form government in the next election,” said Saganash who will be the first leadership candidate to visit Brant Riding.

Saganash will be visiting Brantford and Six Nations on Monday Nov 21st and will be holding public events including a Town Hall-style meeting at Woodland Cultural Centre’s Orientation Room beginning at 6:30pm.

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